Sunday, February 16, 2020
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GUO PEI Spring-Summer 2020 HC – Paris Couture Week 2020

Guo Pei spring-summer 2020 HC Paris

S/S2020 / Haute couture collection – Himalaya

Between heaven and earth… what a fabulous vision of luxury and a know-how couture’s state of art!

The Chinese fashion designer sought to describe a high-fantasy collection inspired by the Himalayas.

Magazine Cover GUO PEI - january 2020
Magazine cover 2020 - / GUO PEI S/S20 - Haute couture
Magazine cover  january 2020 – – GUO PEI S/S20 – Haute couture

The Himalayas are a symbol of a spiritual elevation, a sacred destination within one’s mind, and in Guo Pei’s case, the hautest couture her imagination can bring to life.  This was a perfect mix between patterns, drawings, paintings and chinese crafts.

For fantasy silhouettes redolent of Asian mythologies, right down to sleeves that unfurled to the ground, she made patchworks out of antique Japanese obi belts, embroidered sacred Buddhist Thangka motifs and snow lotuses, and carved snow .

Details :
Guo Pei has using luxury fabrics sourced from around the world, Himalayas featured precious gold brocade from China & Antique Japa Obic fabric. The designer was inspired by the Himalayans’ Buddhist faith, sacred Buddha art patterns from traditional Thangkas embroidered on the reconstructed fabrics. The Buddhas of the Three Realms and the Mysteries of the Circle of Life. Gold and silver thread embroidery are heavily featured to create the sacre tone of the patterns. The designer selected an extremely rare and precious Himalayan plant with prodigious healing properties. Also rather impressive was the show’s finale look:a Himalaya’s snow-capped mountain tops is fused to the sky enlightenedby Buddha’s Infinite Light, the wisdom of Dharma nourished human civilisation and nurtures new life. The immortal myths of Himalayas are illuminated.





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