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A day before Christmas, with Imelda Liem & BaroQco Jewelry

A day before Christmas, with BaroQco & Imelda Liem.

Christmas : from nativity to humanity ; a metaphor of living species

A visual storytelling for Christmas with Imelda Liem.

Make Up and Hairdo : Jeffrey Soe
Stylist : Eduardo Liem
Jewelry : BAROQCO
Art Director : Kenneth Fadri.


Animals and humans : a close relationship to remember today…

A barn with cattle and horses is the place to begin Christmas; after all, that’s where the original event happened, and that same smell was the first air that the Christ Child breathed.

While the Gospel according to Matthew speaks of the birth of Jesus in a house, the Gospel of Luke tells that Mary deposits her child in a manger. The feeder takes us into the context of a stable, and therefore of stable animals. From there, everything is open for a later imagination, from the first Christian traditions until the Middle Ages when the Franciscans really developed this conception of the crib, in which animals are necessarily found.

Magazine cover #dec2019 special issue - DNMAG
Magazine cover #dec2019 special issue – DNMAG

What role does the Bible give to animals?

They are domestic, that is to say, they live in collusion with humans. They know the voice of their master. Jesus also compares the disciples who follow him and surround him with animals: “my sheep know my voice”. Dogs, cats, horses, these animals often live under the same roof as their owner. And to live near a stable, for a human, is to live in a warm place.
To conclude, animals and humans are interacting.

About horses

The horse an animal like no other “The noblest conquest that man has ever made is that of this proud and fiery animal who shares with him the fatigue of war and the glory of combat: as fearless as his master , the horse sees the danger and confronts it (…); he also shares his pleasures; in hunting, in tournaments, in racing, it shines, it sparkles (…) “These few lines extracted from The Natural History of the French naturalist Buffon (1707-1788) sum up better than any speech. admiration that man has had for horses since immemorial time….

Imelda Liem shooting with BaroQco Jewels

Man has always observed, represented, but above all used the horse. In the city, in the fields, in the factories, at the bottom of the mines, on the mountain trails, on the racetrack or in the battlefield, the horse has rendered us invaluable services. This animal has accompanied man’s progress for several millennia and has suffered the ups and downs of history alongside him: impossible to think of the conquests of Alexander the Great, the Crusades, the Napoleonic wars or the conquest of the American West without imagining the presence of horses. The horse grows the man, it offers his power and his speed, but also his elegance and his ardor.

Horses and equestrian has also been sublimed in fashion industry, like with such a famous luxury brand like Hermès or Dior.



BaroQco Jewelry is a Reminiscent of luscious Baroque and intimate Rococo Art.
Designed by Eduardo & Imelda Liem artisans from The Netherlands who are dedicated to make each piece uniquely with a high-fashion one of a kind look.
Each piece is hand-crafted utilizing radiant colors from genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS®, some with semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls in recycled silver or gold plating nickel free.

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