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What’s in my boudoir – a beauty routine by Klara LANDRAT

What’s in my vanity/ boudoir?

Whenever I thought about writing in regard to my skin care regimen I felt embarrassed. Who in the world would get into my completely Asian regimen? But I couldn’t help with my urge for veracity in the madness of all the products on the market. Having spent many years in China, Hong Kong and traveling all over the Far East I have been privileged to learn from the world which until now has been surrounded with a lot of enigma.
Today I will reveal to you my simple tricks and secrets I have discovered.

Brought to you by Klara Landrat X DNMAG



Facial Gua Sha- from Chinese lit. “Rub away the heat”.

Klara Landrat - Beauty routines - DNMAG
Klara Landrat – Beauty routines –  Rose quartz tools / DNMAG

(Not a body Gua Sha) is an ancient Chinese medical technique to stimulate the flow of blood, energy “Qi” and improves your skin and tissue. It is in fact a youth secret of the Chinese as it’s smoothing wrinkles, gives a lift and glowy skin with regular use. You can do it daily or at least 3 times a week to see the effects.
You can simply pick tools I have chosen whether it’s from Jade or Rose Quartz.
To prep the skin I use two products:

A hydrating mist:
My own home made rose water or Sage + Gold Medicinal Toner by Skincando
Skincando < click here

A facial oil of your choice:
Organic Jojoba Oil

Please use these tools with light to medium pressure on the flat side and with slow and mindful movements as you are also trying to relax.

The roller and Gua Sha tools I purchased from revolve :


Klara Landrat - Beauty routines - DNMAG JMSolution SNAIL - Honey luminous
Klara Landrat – Beauty routines – DNMAG / JMSolution SNAIL – Honey luminous

For the night I use organic Skincando eye cream, and Skincando Night treatment cream with beeswax, bio-colloidal silver grapefruit seed extract, rose lavender and conifer oils. It’s superb for dry and sensitive skin.

Skincando Night Treatment

Skincando eye balm:

For sunscreen I use Skincando Liquid Silver infused with silk protein, seaweed and micro silver SPF 15 lotion:

I am currently obsessed with Snail mucus creams and serums which you can choose from Korean brands or Chinese.
I use the red ginseng & snail toner, essence, serum, eye cream and facial cream during the day.
Snail series you can purchase here from China:

Or for best Snail creams and products on the market head on to NY magazine with amazing Korean options:

I also use the facial mask as often as I can which visibly rehydrates the skin.
I use either snail mucus masks or Korean Royal Bee Propolis with a hyaluronic acid ampule.
JM Solution:


Klara Landrat - Beauty routines - DNMAG
Klara Landrat – Beauty routines – DNMAG

Geneo Oxygenation device which is pretty much an oxygen facial done at home. It exfoliates, oxygenates and improves absorption of skincare products.

TriPollar GENEO Personal Oxygenation Device

Over – all well being:
I work out a lot and try to jog at least 4 times a week.
I try to go to the spa at least twice a week. In China, Korea, Japan and most Asian countries spa is a national leisure. Everyone goes to the spa. It’s a center of life. Usually it’s with multiple levels and separate “sleeping” rooms, each with its own unique benefits. There is steam rooms, dry sauna, charcoal room, salt room, cold room, etc. in China I have gone to the spa for 24 hours. You can get a salt body scrub.

Thai massage, or hot stone massage. Then you can rest, eat in the restaurant and go to sleep with provided slippers, pajama and bath robe !

This brings me to my next topic:

Body massage.

Klara Landrat - Beauty routines - DNMAG
Klara Landrat – Beauty routines – DNMAG

I do it daily with a rubber brush to stimulate the circulation and prevent infections. You can also use a brush or glove.
For winter I use Ginger body oil which is used also to relieve pain, menthol oil for headache and fatigue and

And lastly, the strange spongy looking creature is a Tremella mushroom known in China as “silver ear mushroom” and used in Chinese medicine.

This highly prized, youthful skin tonic has been popularized in China by the imperial Cincubine Yang (719-756) which was considered the most beautiful woman in Chinese history.
This mushroom is by far the most effective moisturizer and rejuvenator.

A polysaccharide contained in Tremella Mushroom has an excellent water holding capacity. It can hold water equivalent to nearly 500 times its weight, which is greater than hyaluronic acid.

I use dry mushroom which you can easily find in Asia or order online from Asian stores. I make the serum myself without any chemical ingredients.
For in depth preparation I have used this video as a guide line:



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