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Klara Landrat’s interview 2019 – part 2

Klara Landrat, Globe-trotter, photographer, actress, model, designer

Klara Landrat, a multiple talented woman – a new interview 2019 – part 2

Interviewed by D.Patard

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Klara, I know how much passion you have for travels, foreign countries, and especially Asia …. so let’s do your chinese portrait

– If you were a number? 7
– If you were a month? September
– If you were a country? France or Italy I can’t decide! (laughing)
– If you were a food? Lobster
– If you were an animal? Eagle or a dolphin
– If you were a color? Aqua 
– If you were a moment of the day? Dawn
– If you were an emotion? Love of course…
– If you were a drink? Champagne!
– If you were a plant? Wild Rose 


Magazine Cover – Klara LANDRAT DNMAG-november-2019


Since your previous interview I knew about your passion for photography obviously and I had the chance to see some or your photos shooted in China and Cambodia; Is there a camera model that you like? and which configuration do you use regularly?

KL : Yes I do love being behind the camera and I have a few favorites! Leica SL 2 and Phase one cameras are in fact “Creme de la creme! ”
I also love Canon Mark III or IV which I use often.

For more “fine art” projects I love using pinhole cameras that I construct myself or 8×10 format cameras. There is one that is practically a dream come true : Large Sense LS911 – it’s a digital large format ! For merely $106,000!

As for setting I don’t really use one setting it depends on the project and I use all kinds of lights even a regular living room lights or natural lights. I like to see what happens and what kind of mood we are going for …


What is your favorite food in Israel? since you are there right now?

KL : Oh dear! Everything is extremely tasty here… so even if you come to Israel without any knowledge of local food you’d be surprised how flavorful it is!
I’m a health freak so a lot of the food I try to avoid as it’s deep fried or super spicy but once in a while I tend to convince my appetite with a saying: “you only live once”

So on the top of my list:
Chraime- which is a Moroccan style fish usually grouper cooked in a pot with spices, peppers and other vegetables… I like the version with salmon.
Sabih- flavorful Iraqi sandwich with fried eggplants, hard boiled egg and salad served in pita bread.
Charira- Moroccan soup filled with fresh parsley and zesty lemon!

Mallawah- Yemenite delicacy – a special kind of dough served with garlic tomato sauce and eaten with hard boiled egg.

Fish tagine- clay pot filled with fish couscous and vegetables cooked on fire for a few hours.


What will be your next destination?

KL : Ireland


What is your bedside book, if you have time to read right now?

KL : Well I just finished Poetics by Aristotle.
And right now I’m reading “Gods and Fighting Men” by Lady Gregory and Irish mythology by James Stephens . It’s part of my preparation for a role for an upcoming TV series set in Gaelic times of Ireland!

– Oh I understand then…


Klara, at DN-MAG we gonna launch several new sections in our magazine, soon, and especially about health and food.
Can you share your health tips with us, among those you follow in terms of lifestyle?

KL : I would love to! I think the most important thing is exercise. As long as we move our bodies we produce endorphins! And it’s not just for mental health naturally. Having lived in Asia for a few years I observed how caring for “blood flow” is an integral part of Chinese lifestyle. Tai Chi is done everyday by people of all ages, also by people over 80! Also body massage and going to the spa – I found it incredibly beneficial and rejuvenating. I will elaborate on the subject a bit more in the section!
Diet is number two on my list: which includes at least 3 liters of water per day and drinking vegetable juices. I make my own from celery, spinach, cucumbers and lemon with a touch of fresh ginger root for immune system and curcumin (turmeric).
And the third rule: be proportional – balance is the key. I don’t like anything drastic so I don’t do starvation diets ! I simply include all I like in my diet and exercise! I run quite a lot and train at least 4 times a week!
And I will get into it more later on – what I do and how it affects my body and mind !

Also there is plenty to talk about regarding skincare regimen and how I had to stop being a beach bum.



Klara, thank you so much for taking time to share those moments of your life with us.
I hope to see you soon !

KL : Thank you so much ! It is always a great pleasure to be talking with you Dominique!
A bientôt!



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