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Klara Landrat, Globe-trotter, photographer, actress, model, designer

Klara Landrat, a multiple talented woman – a new interview 2019 – part 1

Interviewed by D.Patard

The first time we interviewed Klara Landrat was at the launch of DN-MAG magazine, and it was our very first published interview in our magazine.
It was a transcript of our exchanges in French. Since then, many things have evolved, and as we like to follow the personalities we particularly love, we could not resist the desire to share with you various emotions about her life, her passions, facts that highlight her career and things she loves today.

Klara, is likely our precious mascot, our favorite personality. She is a faithful person who has followed us since our beginnings in the world of fashion. Klara is our “secret ambassador”… 😉

KLARA-LANDRAT – FASHION MAGAZINE COVER | (interview oct 2019) / Photo credit : Elias GRAND

Hello Klara! we are happy to talk to you again much longer! How things are going?  Where are you now ?

KL: I am very delighted to be a part of DN magazine again! Thank you very much for having me! I am well. Thank you for asking. At this very moment I’m sipping a glass of red wine and looking at the sunset in Tel Aviv, Israel.

What has changed in your life compared to our previous interview?

KL: Well how much time do we have for an answer?! Ok. I will try to keep it short. I can say almost everything. I think 2016 was a year of transition for me.

Klara Landrat-oct-2019-DNMAG_7
Klara Landrat-oct-2019 | DNMAG

2019 is incredible in its own different way.

First, I have moved from Hong Kong and China to Israel though I must assure you this is not my final destination. I’m working on two very big projects, first as a producer and a creator and the second as a writer.

This is by far my biggest endeavor and I will be working with two fabulous women, Tessa Sanderson who is a 6 time Olympian and first ever woman to win a gold medal in Jovelin for the UK, and Sabina Brend – an actress and a musician from Germany.

We are joining forces together to create something of a docu-series that are cutting edge, thought provoking and very current. It will be bold, it will be heard and its about women!

We would like to create a platform for all women out there with multi-angle reach out. The second project is a feature film and a book actually. I am co-writer and an editor. This will be in brief about a mysterious doctrine from Renaissance that would change the perception of humanity and humans in general. Unfortunately I can’t reveal much more at this point.

I have also been asked to write for fashion publications and I’m working with “Behing It” magazine from Los Angeles, as well as collaborating with the incredible young designer from London, Chanel Joan Elkayam. I am still writing my poetry and some of it will be published shortly in a collaboration with a fashion photographer.

Do you keep doing a lot of sport?

KL: absolutely!

Regarding fashion, and photo what are your activities now in these areas?

KL: I have been publishing in a few wonderful magazines lately such as: The Spinning Shades from Berlin,

Klara Landrat-oct-2019-DNMAG_15
Klara Landrat-oct-2019 | DNMAG

A Book Of Us from Los Angeles, Trend Privee etc. and I have one more editorial coming up with a beautiful model of christian Arabic ethnicity.

As a model I have been busy, I have done London fashion week and walked for Chanel Joan Elkayam, signed with a great modeling agent from London, Grey Model agency, who represents models of all ages and clients range from Burberry to Colgate.

I ended up in a few editorials as well: Shuba Magazine, Solis, and Japanese magazine En Vie from Osaka, Japan. Also I have started working with a few designers and beauty brands from the UK and USA. So I have been quite busy! Which is great!

Oh wow! I’m so happy for you!

How do you feel changes that happen in fashion industry? (sustainable, ethics…)

KL : I feel tremendous change which is wonderful! I can say, that it’s the busiest time for me, so it has changed!

From the time, I remember there were no social media and I have just purchased my first cell phone and New York in the 1990’s, test shoots with your own make up and negatives to this social media expansion!

Women are becoming strong, successful and independent! There is a shift in agencies: back then, after your mid-twenties you could do only catalogues for J.Crew and Macy’s, now you can be a super model in your 80’s and signed with agencies who represent these kind of people for shows in Paris, for advertising campaigns and big fashion houses.

There is models with down syndrome, cross-gender, handicapped, and more! There is change in the way models are cast, and how inclusive the market has become towards seeing also real people of all sizes, colors, beliefs in their ads, commercials.

The bad reputation of fashion business is disappearing and unveiling a new face: the citizen of the world face. I think these are extremely exiting times to be living in.

We are relearning how to be free, open minded, and its visible in fashion. It is after all the reflection of society!

What are the new fashion designers that you discovered recently and love today?

KL : Since the beginning of kingdom of Instagram, I have discovered so many, but lately I found; Umit Kutluk who is a designer from Ireland, Karolina Zmarlak who is from New York, And Chanel Joan Elkayam of course, who is the youngest fashion designer to complete all 4 fashion weeks before the age of 20 and received the John Carters young designer of the year award.


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