Monday, September 16, 2019

Hammerson has appointed James Lenton as its CFO


Hammerson has appointed James Lenton as its CFO

The new number guy. British shopping center operator Hammerson has appointed James Lenton to be its next CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

The former insurance AIG executive also worked at the accountancy firm Ernst and Young.

He will undertake his new role October 1. James Lenton will arrive at Hammerson at a crucial moment. The stock price of the company has plummeted 35% after Hammerson had spurned the takeover bid by rival Klepierre in 2018.

Following six years at AIG, I’m delighted to be joining @Hammerson as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director this autumnJames Lenton



Hammerson was established in 1942 by Lewis Hammerson, originally developing residential property then expanding into

commercial property in 1948. Hammerson became a public company in 1954, and began a programme of partnering with local authorities to redevelop UK cities’ retail offer. The Company opened Brent Cross, the UK’s first covered mall, in 1976, and expanded into French commercial property in 1985. As mentioned in the Chief Executive’s report, Hammerson focuses on winning retail locations.

Sustainability Commitments
Hammerson’s sustainability vision is to create retail destinations that deliver Net Positive impacts economically, socially and environmentally.
Positive Places is their strategy for making that happen.

Hammerson has appointed James Lenton as its CFO
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