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Guo Pei FW19/20 Runway Show - DNMAG Fashion Professionals
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GUO PEI Fall Winter 2019/20 – Haute Couture Collection

Guo Pei Fall-Winter 2019/20, an exceptional creativity, and amazing journey beyond life and death.

GUO PEI – Alternate Universe – Autumn-Winter 2019/20 – Haute Couture Runway Show



郭培 – Guo Pei Paris – Fall-winter 2019/20 Alternate Universe collection

Haute Couture AW19/20 / Guo Pei, last scheduled show from the Paris Fashion Week’s official agenda :

Guo Pei’s stunning show opened by the wonderful Parisian Twin sisters Gaëlle & Lauriane Callaou




Many people ask me where I find my inspirations. I say, life and love inspire me…Guo Pei - 郭培


– July 3rd, 2019 / Les Beaux-Arts de Paris, rue Bonaparte – Paris 6, France

Nothing is permanent, nothing really dies, everything is changing…

GUO-PEI-Haute-Couture-FW2019-20-DNMAG cover
GUO-PEI-Haute-Couture-FW2019-20-DNMAG cover

Is it possible to transpose a subject as sensitive as life and death into an Haute Couture collection? It is undeniably the prodigy that the famous designer Guo Pei has achieved, presenting her new collection entitled Alternate Universe…

A sandy runway was decorated with an arch of entwined black branches populated by black crows suggesting a macabre portal into her imagination. “When I was a child, I often thought about death,” the couturier said through a translator. “Where do we go? I think a lot of people think about this.”

For this collection, pineapple hemp fabric, the treasured material of the Philippines, is widely used. In existence for over 400 years, pineapple hemp extracted from the leaf fiber of pineapple plants, and put through seven manual processes suc as spinning, rinsing, drying and knotting to produce the fabric.

Guo Pei explores her creativity using various sewing techniques on pineapple hemp fabric to juxtapose the world she imagines.

Nothing really dies, everything is transformed…

We loved the show! – Watch full video of the show, below.


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[VIDEOS] Guo Pei Fall-Winter 2019/20 collection : before The Show


416 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris – France
Phone +33 (0)1 83 88 80 00


Guo Pei is China’s most renowned couturier. For over 20 years, she has been dressing celebrities, distinguished ladies, royalty and political elite who turn to her for show-stopping, magnificent creations when they want to look beautiful and stand out from the crowd.

More about Guo Pei

416 Rue Saint-Honoré,
75008 Paris, France
+33 (0)1 83 88 80 00

Jacques Babando communication
13 rue Monsigny
75002 Paris
+33 1 77 72 77 63

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