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AGANOVICH Fall-winter 2019 Haute Couture collection

AGANOVICH FW19/20 – Paris Fashion Week 2019

AGANOVICH Fall-winter 2019 Haute Couture collection

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My delight in the clothes from Aganovich is well know, which also makes each season a test; will I be thrilled or perhaps let down.

This season I actually believe was even better. The opening look, a white organza dress with a deep hem, and fit and flare silhouette heralded the refinement of construction and inspiring attitude towards the craft and strength of true haute couture which flowed through the show.

Yet, the modernity of the approach, the extraordinary narrative of the unexpected is the strength of the collection itself. The variety of ideas tumbles out whist possessing it’s own strange, off kilter, cohesion, it’s own beauty and somehow links the past and the future into a wholly original collection.

The black velvet ribbon crinoline cage, the heavily draped velvet dresses or the black plastic rose embroideries all add to the story, they don’t confuse it. So the deepest richest red velvet jacket with a flower like unfolding peplum scrambled The New Look, Regency equestrians and a dandy into a new perfection.

The huge connection of organza and organdie hinted at pierrots, flowers, weddings and ghosts!

The beauty of the construction is how a balance between the weightlessness of fabric is contrasted and balanced by the type of fabrics which have a fall and a weight to them in fluidity. In depth knowledge and understanding of technique, plus the courage to experiment and move forward underpins the work of Aganovich.

In the heat of the day as the models walked in silence along the moss covered cobbles and we fanned ourselves a spell was cast upon the audience.

That spell was only broken when the designer appeared to thunderous applause and shouts of approval. I was once again bowled over the brilliance of the collection I was shown.

Thank You.






AGANOVICH – FW 2019/20 collection
Paris Fashion Week 2019

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