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Serbia Fashion Day 2019 – The Land Of LILAC

Serbia Fashion Day 2019 – The Land Of LILAC

Sebia Fashion Day, under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia


The Embassy of the Republic of Serbia
Residence of the Serbian Ambassador H.E. Nataša Maric
Address: 1 Boulevard Delessert, 75016 Paris
Date: 10th and 11th of July 2019


– Presentation of the event
– Few videos and photos taken during the event


This year, in the palace of distinct beauty and values, under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, traditional manifestation “The Land of Lilac Fashion Day 2019” (The Serbia Fashion Day 2019), will be held at the Residence of the Serbian Ambassador in Paris.

This event is inspired by the book “Serbia the Land of Lilacs” and made by Vesna de Vinca, writer and producer.
This manifestation is devoted to H.R.H. Prince Aleksandar Pavlov Karageorgevich of Serbia, the co-founder and patron of this project. The idea of “Serbia the Land of Lilacs» coming
from 13th century, from love between serbian King Uros Ist Nemanjic and Queen Jelena of the royal line of Anzu.

This knightly king, for his future wife Jelena, planted the entire valley with lilacs, along the Ibar River, while waiting for her to arrive to Serbia. This was the biggest flower present in the world!

We want this beautiful history, tradition, and the vibrant color of lilacs to become fashionable! This is why we have established a long-term manifestation “Serbia Fashion Day”, where designers from Serbia and the world can display their collections inspired by the enchanting project with the symbols from the time of Nemanjic family, when the most beautiful performances, frescoes, and icons of early Christianity were created.

Videos from previous years:



June 11

From 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
– Introduction speech and opening ceremony
– Fashion shows
This year, the following designers will present their collections :
– Marija Sabic “Lilac beauty” collection
– Jade Couture Tunisia collection
– Mladen Milivojevic Baron «The Land of Lilacs» collection
– Cocktail in the wonderful garden overseeing the Eiffel Tower
– Hany El Behairy, Egypt collection
– Eric Tibusch collection
– Jelena Mandic – Urijell “Helen”, Jewelry presentation

We will aslo enjoy the performance of :
– Crys Nammour, a famous singer from France
– Cocktail

The creative director of the event is Suna Moya, a fashion expert with more than 20 years of experience in the fashion indusrty in France, Middle East and Asia.
This promises to be a gathering of the international elite from around the world such as European aristocracy and famous figures of culture and fashion of France, the diplomatic corps, and globalmedia.
Last time ,the «The Land of Lilacs FDay» event was covered by 25 cameras and transmitted to fashion magazines and the internet.
The project has been supported by members of the Serbian Royal family Karageorgevich as well as the Order of the Knights of St Lazarus, led by the successor of Bourbon royal family, H.R.H. Sixte-Henri de Bourbon Parme.

Interesting information about the project «Serbia, The Land of Lilacs»
The project started 12 years ago.
The co-founders of the project, Vesna de Vinca and H.R.H. Aleksandar Karadjordjevic, initiated the system of events through ceremonial, transcendental, and promotional planting of 8,000 lilacs through Serbia and the world in the past decade, with the aim of making Serbia the Valley of Lilacs of Europe and the world.
«Serbia, the Land of Lilacs» has developed into a fashion from 2016.
From the beginning, this project has been supported by the aristocracy of Europe, significant personalities of arts and culture of Serbia and the world, as well as international media.
Lilac belongs to the family of olives and can last for centuries!
Our slogan is «We plant a lilac. We become timeless!»

Since 2010, we have also received the blessing of His Holiness the Patriarch of Serbia Irinej, to plant lilacs around the Serbian churches and monasteries in Serbia and around the world. This has encouraged the Serbian diaspora to plant lilacs by donating lilac flower trees to the towns where they reside.
Serbia is a country of lilacs just as the Netherlands is a country of tulips, and Japan is a cherry blossom country.
The project «Serbia, the Land of Lilacs» is dedicated to create a new image of Serbia in the world and to inspire the upcoming generations.
Our motto is «Noblesse oblige».


THE LAND OF LILAC – EVENT – Short selection Videos (source Vesna de Vinca)

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