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Victoria’s Secret to quit TV shows


Victoria’s Secret, the biggest lingerie chain in America, says good bye to its annual show on network television.

No more TV for Victoria’s Secret famous fashion show

No more TV. Victoria’s Secret famous fashion show bids farewell to network television. Les Wexner, the CEO of parent company L Brands sent a memo last week to employees stating that “we must evolve and change to grow”. Last year’s show had an audience of 3.3 million viewers, three times less than in 2013. Victoria’s Secret use of supermodels in high heels and crystal encrusted lingerie no longer seduces an evolving consumer. It’s time for “a new kind of event on different platforms” says Les Wexner.

Since 2001, with its prestigious guests, scenography including great fanfare and television coverage, the Victoria’s Secret show was a must-attend event. But the owner of the lingerie brand, Les Wexner, said Friday, May 10, 2019 want to completely rethink the annual parade. A project that aims to highlight the “strength and positive perception” of the brand, which connects polemics and financial disappointments for several months. And to renew itself: more show broadcast on television. Faced with a declining audience for the retransmission of the last parade, the owner of the company said: “We do not think that television is still suitable to this day.” He also said that the company is developing a “new type of event” that will be available “on several platforms”, without giving much more details.

Victoria’s Secret to quit TV shows
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