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ACTA Sustainable fashion 2019 in Melbourne


Launch of Australasian Circular Textiles Association (ACTA) means business for sustainable fashion

Australasian Circular Textile Association (ACTA)

In fashion and philosophy, the beauty of a circle is marked by an absence of a beginning and an end.

Launching in 2018, the Australasian Circular Textile Association (ACTA) harnesses this principal, but with a very clear end goal: zero textile waste.

The ACTA is the market’s first organisation offering to act as the voice of Australia’s fashion industry, which has shown a proven desire to evolve towards sustainability.

It’s the next step for fashion brands looking to turn an eco-ideology into a feasible, manageable, and – best of all – successful business model.

Founder Camille Reed says ACTA is “a national body association to support the fashion industry in transitioning from a linear take-make-waste model, to full circularity.

“We encompass a lot of directional tools around new resources, education platforms, and particularly a textile take-back program, and addressing textile waste.

“We’re the facilitator and the aggregator to help join the dots to save industry, and the entire vertical supply chain that’s connected with industry, time and money to facilitate sustainability,” said Camille.

Per capita, Australians are the second largest consumers of apparel worldwide. Businesses serving this market are now more conscious than ever of their responsibility to reduce – and ultimately eliminate – textile waste.

A sense of accountability in product stewardship is triggered by a growing number of alarming statistics.

Every 10 minutes, Australians send 6 tonnes of textile to landfill.

The fashion industry contributes to nearly 7 percent of the global climate impact. Shockingly, we’re the world’s second-largest polluter behind coal and oil.

Consider, if polyester was replaced by recyclables, the fashion industry could save almost half the amount of carbon dioxide that it’s responsible for every year.

What’s more, brands are waking up to the commercial value in sustainability.


Source : https://fashionunited.uk



ACTA Sustainable fashion 2019 in Melbourne
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