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Next Louis Vuitton cruise collection May 8th, will stand at the TWA Flight center JFK


Louis Vuitton cruise Show will be at the TWA Flight center JFK on May 8th

JFK TWA flight center is the next destination for Louis Vuitton Cruise collection show

Nicolas Ghesquière has just announced that the Louis Vuitton cruise collection will be unveiled at the TWA Flight Center, at #JFK in New York. In keeping with the designer’s passion for futurist architectural stages, this Sixties icon of the jet age was designed by Eero Saarinen and opened in 1962. #jfk #louisvuitton #architecture #runway

The TWA Flight Center, opened in 1962 at the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York and designed by the American-Finnish architect Eero Saarinen (he also made the ark of St. Louis), for the For the time being, Trans World Airlines had a revolutionary design with a concrete hull as roof, curvy lines and ripples, wide windows to see planes on the tarmac and a large footbridge that spanned the main hall.

Unsuited to modern airport requirements it has been closed since 2001 and has been encircled by a new, more suitable terminal, although it should be kept in one form or another as it is classified.

LVMH-TWA Flight center - PAN-AM
TWA Flight center JFK New York – PAN-AM from the movie Catch me if you can – DNMAG

Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2020 < click here to watch

All photos on this page are from Hungarian photographer Balthazar Korab, who studied art in Paris after fleeing the communist government of his country in 1949, and who eventually settled as an architecture photographer in the United States. United in 1955.

Eero Saarinen will hire him to document his entire process of creating plans to the final building through the models and construction.

The landmarked 1962 building, which was closed amidst TWA’s third and final bankruptcy in 2001, is set to re-open on May 15 as part of the new TWA Hotel.

TWA Hotel - rendering - DNMAG
TWA Hotel – rendering – DNMAG



Photos by Balthazar Korab



Next Louis Vuitton cruise collection May 8th, will stand at the TWA Flight center JFK
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