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Mame Kurogouchi, Fade into Blue

Mame Kurogouchi Ready-to-wear, FW 2019/20 collection


By Loanna Haseltine
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Mame Kurogouchi RTW 19, FW 2019/20
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Once again Maiko Kurogouchi the designer behind the brand Mame Kurogouchi takes out her journal, part diary, part scrap-book mixing fact and fictional imaginings to draw-out her inner self and find meaning for her collection theme. This season was labeled part 2 to last season’s beginnings.

The collection which is closer to Haute Couture in quality than ready-to-wear where the fabrics and workmanship are exceptional and many pieces seemed to be hand woven. The colors were so rich that the eye plunges into the depths of the abysses of blue. One particular material for an ample coat was haunting. Its base a pearl grey with an iris motif in ultramarine blue with depths as the ocean is deep and then suddenly just a stitch here or there in the woven motif, florescent orange. It was nothing but only what the naked eye could catch. A  flash and a memory of splendor to archive away in the minds stash of beauty. Layering was key in the silhouettes. Each piece was perfect in its composition of textures, colors and shape. Elegantly juxtaposed hues peaked out from underneath, flashes of bright or soothing colors perfectly harmonizing in their integrity with the whole.  Modern looks with shearling bombers or anoraks stood comfortably next to others like a layered kimono duster or a minimalist tunic.

Mame Kurogouchi is one to keep your eye on. If you did not get a chance to see this collection yourself in person do not miss the next. Photos can lie, and sometimes miss extreme beauty.



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Mame Kurogouchi RTW19 Fall-winter 19/20 photo gallery – Paris Fashion Week 2019

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