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La Bouche Rouge, Customizable Lip-Color


La Bouche Rouge, Not Just Pretty (on your) Face

Customizable Lip-Color


By Loanna Haseltine
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Presentation FW 19/20 Fashion week March 3, 2019 Marais Paris

Have you ever wanted that perfect lip-shade and could just never find it? Or maybe your favorite color has been discontinued?

Now there is an answer! And that is not even the best of it. La Bouche Rouge is the first sustainable luxury makeup brand.

The customized lipstick holder is reusable and there is no plastic ever used in any of the packaging. Nor Polyoxymethylene (POM), Polypropylene (PP), or microplastics (PMMAs), which have been proven to be detrimental for the ecosystem.

There are no animal fats, artificial preservatives, parabens or paraffin wax used, and no testing on animals anywhere in the LBR products.

So you can have all the luxury of custom-made cosmetics without any of the guilt.

How does it work? Bring in your discontinued lip color, a fabric swatch, or even the faded petals from the roses you got for Valentines Day.

La Bouche Rouge can scan and send the color formula to their laboratory and workshop near Orléans France where it will be made to measure and sent out to you normally in one week.

Custom color will be delivered to your door for 69€ and the color reference will be stocked forever. Like one of the LBR color selections? A standard LBR color re-fill is only 36€. In addition for every custom lipstick sold, 100 liters of drinking water is donated to the l’association Eau Vive Internationale.

The founder Nicolas Gerlier, who formally was a marketing professional at the brand L’Oreal was disillusioned by the cosmetic business who is the second largest polluter in the world.

It is a fact that  83% of the earth’s water is polluted by micro plastics coming from primarily the cosmetic industry.

Joined in Gerlier’s adventure is art director, Ezra Petronio, co-founder of Self Service Magazine, who has designed for brands such as Yves St Laurent and Prada.

Together they created an unbeatable team to match a phenomenal idea.






PR OFFICE : Lucien Pages
6 rue de braque 75003 Pairs
TEL. +33 1 42 77 33 05



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