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ROKH Womenswear – Fashion Week FW19


ROKH, The New Chic

ROKH FW19 / Paris – R.O.K.H.

Womenswear 2019 – RTW19 Fall-winter 2019

Tony Glenville - DN Mag - Fashion Editor

By Tony Glenville.
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The red lights dimmed, the hard white spotlights flared and at a furious pace the models stalked between the narrow pathways. The Prokofiev soundtrack was matched by a Capulets and Montagues wardrobe of contrasts; yet above all else the collection had a new urban elegance.

The deconstructions and assemblages of colour and fabric were sophisticated and polished, with layerings which brought pops of colour from hose to head.

The opening severe black jacket and skirt was worn over a brilliant blue, white and green floral polo neck, cloves and tights, bringing a witty exchange between tailoring and romance.

This was also carried through in brilliant electric blue under black, violet under beige and violet under azure blue.

The textural interplay between paisley and faded softness, patent gloss and shine and faux animal print, crochet rainbow throws and even a faux Hermes type print was terrific.

Yet over all the greys and neutrals balanced the palette and fluid versus the tailored created a dialogue. The black ensamble, with grommet detailing and metallic fastenings featured diagonal pleats, however it was shown in an almost retro couture manner with a beige trench flung nonchalantly over the models arm; somehow modern chic and strong all in the same look.

Korean designer ROKH Hwang spent time at Celine with Phoebe Philo and the hand writing shows a similar attitude towards contemporary fashion.

Elegance, but not overworked, interesting, but not unwearable or difficult.

All in all a very good start to the Paris Fashion Week.


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ROKH FW19 / Paris – R.O.K.H.

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