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Lance Glasses, Reinventing The Lightest Luxury Smart Glasses


[Crowfunding Project]

The first luxury glasses combining the finest materials and design with the most advanced technology

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If in their first campaign Lance Glasses focused on outstanding technology at affordable prices, they are now determined to take this to the next level and designed their frames as an extension to your body, lightweight, with the latest technology materials and smart models. Lance Glasses now focusing on YOU and your look, using a fresh design.

When Lance Glasses decided to perfect the business model for our luxury glasses, they realized that they needed to rethink three important aspects: design, quality and distribution. The Company is determined not only to improve the quality of the product and the distribution network but also its design, making sure your Lance Glasses become your essential fashion accessory.


What are the Sharp and Fade Lenses ?

Lance Sharp lenses are available in Plain lenses with the blue light filter included to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light and also in sun lenses UV420 for a total protection. Lance Fade lenses are Photochromic with the latest technology that allows you to have 2 pairs in 1 . The lens coating reacts to the UV light, darkens in less than 5 seconds and clears in less than 30 seconds. The blue light filter is also an available option that you will be able to select in the survey.


Lance Glasses-bench-DNMAG
Lance Glasses-bench-DNMAG

Is Lance prescription ready ?

Yes. We can cover any kind of prescription until +/- 10 . The prescription is available on any type of lenses. A few more options will be available on the survey : – Extra Thinning Lenses (index 1,74) , recommended for correction above / Below +/-6 ( 89 euros/pair) *** Index until 1,67 included at no extra cost*** – Blue light filter selection ( Included for Sharp plain lenses , 19,90 euros for FADE lenses ) – Progressive lenses & special correction above / below +/- 10 ( 49 euros / pair)

Can I get more Lance Glasses after the campaign ends?

Yes. You will be able to purchase as many pairs as you want on the survey ( with or without prescription ) at the Indiegogo price.

When can I use my Lance Glasses?

If you have selected Plain Sharp lenses or Fade lenses, you can use them anytime, anywhere. If you have selected the sun lenses , they are, of course recommended for outdoor use.

How the Lance Clip-ons work?

We have designed a Solar clip for each frame. They fit perfectly the shape of the pair you will choose and give it another awesome style. They are UV 400-420. You will be able to purchase them in the add-ons store you will have with your survey. They are available in different metal and lenses colours.


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