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Fashion Trends Forecast 2019-2020

Fashion Forecast Seen in the Stars for 2019-2020 seasons

Fashion Trends Forecast 2019 – 2020 seasons

Loanna HASELTINE - Editor in Chief - DNMAG



By Loanna Haseltine




Since fashion seasons runs one year ahead, the next collections will be showing what people will be wearing in 2020. Just the sound of 2020, has a sci-fi ring. So when my colleagues asked me to make a forecast of what fashion would be telling us to wear in 2020, the year itself made me ponder that maybe I should look to the stars.

That is, zodiac stars and not the Kardashian kind. Astrological experts say that the stars have a direct and significant influence on human behavior, so why not start there to see what people will want to wear in 2020?



For the coming year, the experts have agreed that the astral-skies send positive signs. After the last three uproarious years of complete chaos and mayhem, we will finally see a turn for better times, that cover all star-signs.

But apparently we are not there yet. According to the experts, the planets Uranus and Pluto, which will be destabilizing all mankind under their drag, will significantly influence the first quarter of this year.

The positions of these planets foretell for the first part of the year a little more upheaval in the form of individual and collective changes before things get better. So keep hanging onto your skull-cap for the moment.

Uranus represents the planet of revolution, change and transformation. It influences unconventional ideas and inventive and original creation. It encourages revolt from the status quo. It is also the planet of following the masses and promotes democracy and humanitarian ideals. It can be seen as a planet of freedom of speech and creative expression

Complementary, Pluto represents transformation, on one side ruling the subconscious forces of what is below the surface. On the other side, Pluto is the planet of renewal and rebirth.

Reading into this, can we hope that finally creators designing collections during this time will make a breakaway from the rut that the fashion world has found itself since the last three years? In an astrological sense the charts foretold that the last 3 years would hold chaos, and unexpected, unimaginable events.  And so we see that is true: Donald Trump as President in the US, Le Pen nearly winning in France, and England leaving the EU. All of these three years ago seemed impossible. As when the cartoon ‘The Simpsons’ made an episode where Mr. Trump ran and won the US Presidency. Anyone proposing these outcomes 4 years ago would have been laughed off their soapbox. And yet, all this came true.

Any first-year fashion student learns in fashion theory that chaotic and uncertain times make people resist change in the details in their lives. They stick to safety with the things they can control, like how they dress. So therefore you get designers offering an awful lot of black for spring /summer as we saw last season.

The instability had a slightly differing effect on some of the heavy hitting profit margin companies like LVMH.

Last year’s move to put a rap music producer, DJ, rebel designer Virgil Abloh to head the artistic direction at Louis Vuitton Men was a bit of a shock to more than a few. Hip-hop did not seem in step with the DNA of the brand. But if it is all about following the money… for a brand who’s bread and butter is a plastic covered canvas bag which has not changed shape in a century and it sells for thousands of euros, than it suits perfectly. Was Arnault’s decision revolutionary or just following the Insta hits down the yellow-brick-lane? The jury is still out. In either case I personally am rooting for Virgil.

I see a continuation of music and celebrity synchronization at top brands this year.

If it is all about Insta hits, and I do not imagine that the obsession will change tomorrow, than Uranus’ democracy infiltrating the once elitist brands will have more to do with who is holding the fashion helm than it historically did.

Once we are past that ominous first quarter, Jupiter will join the ruling planets Uranus and Pluto and protect us from the negative aspects of the other two. And Pluto will move into the Capricorn sign. This last phase will bring change, which will be as liberating as it is positive. Pluto’s turn into the Capricorn’s sphere will help those prioritize on what is essential, true and lasting. Can we see a turn from the fashion’s obsession with the me-blogger, who display more photos of themselves at a fashion show than of the actual show? Lets hope!

Essential in fashion means coming back to what has always worked. And what has always worked since humans positioned a leaf is beauty and elegance in all its forms. Essential is also dignified.

It’s been awhile since a lady’s elegance and femininity was an attribute in the fashion sense. There was a time when that was so. Remember Tom Ford sexy early to mid 90’s elegance at Gucci ? Or the 1940’s and 50’s with women’s feminine shaped tailoring? Where there were shoulders there were also hips.

Will we see a comeback of a feminine, graceful poised elegance? While moving away from the blow-up-doll effect? We could hardly call those essential or earthy. The days of chic in an YSL le Smoking, Savile Row tailoring, and a Madame Grès draped dress just might be back sooner than you think. The spot light of Gucci and the rise of high elegance in last season at Givenchy and finding elegantly made Haute Couture showing during Ready-to-Wear is a signal of something new…. The stars confirm it to be so.

So maybe the trend of picking up a trash-bag full of old dirty digs at the local charity shop, cutting everything in half and then giving them to the blind foundation to re-assemble may have seen their final days? Anorexic, beaten and bruised models on catwalks? Will all these trends see an end? Lets see.

Coming back to the essential and essence of things makes one think of the earthy elements: sky, sea, and earth. Will we see these themes and colors? Last season’s trend of seascapes were rampant, and blues from sky-blue to ultramarine were in nearly every show. We saw every version of flesh and earth tones and there were an awful lot of parashoot themes, fabric and harnesses. Expect too an array of soft earthy greens to be added this season.

With a more positive mood in the air I suspect that colors will be bright and sunny as life becomes more stable and at the same time surging with creative spirit and rebellion. Does that mean that fluorescents, a trend that has been desperate to be revealed for the last several years will finally become apparent? …and more than just on the laces of a pair of sneakers? According to the astral-charts these color trends will likely grow and some continue through 2020 collections.

The rebellious, original and creative spell will be cast, so expect the unexpected. As the uncertainty of chaos passes later this year, it will leave all rebellion in its positive form: fun, earthy and carefree. Have you thought of dyeing and streaking your hair to match a rainbow in a Care-bear world? You just might in 2020!


Hermes scarf Astrology - DNMAG
Hermes scarf Astrology – DNMAG / Fashion Trends Forecast 2019 – 2020


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