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What is a Jean?

Jeans as we design it today, denotes actually a denim pants, a precise shape.The evolution of the ‘over-pants’ in denim to the pair of denim jeans is very Nevi.Levi Strauss is undeniably one of the actors, his models of trousers dating back to the 1870-1890 found, with a button belt, tightening leg, patch pocket on the back, remaining the most authentic ancestors of the current jeans.The jeans is a trade name that appears in the catalogs only in the 1930s: it refers to a pair of trousers (no longer an over-trousers) in denim.The slip of the workwear to the Leisure wear naturally leads manufacturers to favor denim, more comfortable at the expense of jeans, and to use a distinctive term (jeans rather than overall). Blue tint is also needed with denim.


The denim jeans (the cut of trousers) become the denim jeans when the ‘western’ style prevails in the United States in the mid-twenties.It is not unanimous since Levi’s himself will not abandon the term ‘overall’ in favor of ‘jeans’ to denominate denim pants until the 1960s!

Jeans are a fabric, canvas, that the English, particularly but not only, used, from the middle age to make clothing.This fabric has twill weave, obtained by interlacing son producing an oblique frame effect. This fabric then has a smooth side and a halftone side.

The serges were produced in many places from the sixteenth century, and were then composed of cotton yarn on the one hand, and yarn of wool or linen on the other hand Among the most famous was the canvas of ‘Genoa’, which once imported on English soil, and anglicized, pronounced obviously ‘jean’ [d3i: n].

The denim is united: all the son are the same color and tinted at heart.At the time, brown hues were the most common, but there were also white jeans for example.

The jean no longer composed , very fast, only cotton.

The success and diversification of the range of cotton fabrics brings to the 18th century a newcomer: denim.



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