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Comité Colbert – 2019

comite-colbert-logoThe Comité Colbert is an association founded in 1954 on the initiative of Jean-Jacques Guerlain, who is dedicated to promoting the French luxury industry in France and abroad. It is sometimes considered as the lobby of French luxury, even European luxury, and brings together, through its members, up to 130 different professions2. The Comité Colbert brings together 78 French luxury houses and 14 major cultural institutions.


Comité Colbert’s activity in 2019



The Colbert Committee’s mission is to promote French luxury in France and abroad and also to run a network of employees internally. “For the Comité Colbert, a French luxury brand is the expression of French taste and style. It is a brand born in France, nourished by French culture, based on identity know-how and whose creation is carried out in France.

The Colbert Committee summarizes its four missions: “Incarnate”; the Comité Colbert embodies the French taste and carries the values ​​that are specific to it. He develops and implements the collective strategy of French luxury, complementary to the individual strategy of its members. ”

To anticipate ” ; the Colbert Committee provides its members with the tools for their future development. ” Shine ” ; the Comité Colbert promotes the French art of living around the world. It stages events on the 5 continents. ” Influence ” ; to ensure the development of its houses, the Comité Colbert intervenes as a privileged interlocutor with the public authorities in France, in Europe and in the world.



The fight against counterfeiting is an important mission of the Comité Colbert. Since 1995, the Comité Colbert has teamed up with the French Customs to fight against the import of counterfeits, particularly through poster campaigns.

The Comité Colbert is at the initiative of the creation in 1994 of the National Anti-Counterfeiting Committee. counterfeiting or CNAC, an original structure that brings together public authorities and private companies.

The Colbert Committee houses represent a quarter of the world’s luxury, almost twice the Italian luxury and 2.5 times the American luxury.

They realize on average 84% of their turnover abroad and represent for France an overall turnover of 31 billion euros for 2011.



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