Monday, February 17, 2020



Alianna Liu was born in China, studied economics and then worked in various Chinese banks before coming to Paris to get into fashion, her passion.
She returned to ESMOD to study styling and model making, then to IESEG to sharpen her sense of business.

A veritable second-hand globe, it travels to all continents. Her travels inspire her work as a designer and pattern designer, which she does in parallel.
In 2019, she released her very first collection in Paris called “Kiss a rainbow under your skin” inspired by her cats.

Alianna’s collections are inventive, colorful, playful and cheerful.
Alianna celebrates life and expresses herself through her creations, emphasizing grace, femininity, color and originality. She uses luxurious and quality materials, is very meticulous on the details.

Alianna dresses all women. Businesswomen, elegant, dynamic and independent, but also women who listen to their personality and have kept their childlike part. Women with a casual style who make mix & match effects.

Alianna LIU is a visionary who likes the unconventional and breaks the codes.
Working and then chaining a cocktail while being unique and glamorous is Alianna’s signature.



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