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I want our women to feel very confident, beautiful, and elegant while they are wearing my designs.Alianna LIU

A Chinese designer based in Paris, Alianna Liu looks to the world around her for inspiration, reflecting on what it is that makes her feel and think and then trying to translate that into pieces that are attractive and comfortable. Above all else, she celebrates life in her work, putting the full exuberance that she feels for the act of living above all other considerations. Blending joy with vibrancy, she has made it her mission to produce and offer a line of perfect women’s wear. Working on one piece at a time, she prefers to let the character of each collection arise naturally, forcing nothing and allowing her creative energy to flow smoothly.

Since 2018, Alianna has committed herself wholeheartedly to her brand. A brand for independent women, a brand is all about empowerment through personal style. The philosophy behind the brand is that women who are feminine can also let go of their inner child. By emphasizing strength and beauty coexisting, Alianna is building her label into a leader in the world of fashion, giving people something that both invigorates and tantalizes.

A French luxury ready-to-wear brand, ALIANNA LIU was founded in Paris in 2018. This is a brand that caters to the elite, offering top-quality women’s wear designed with creativity and ingenuity.

At the heart of ALIANNA LIU is Alianna herself. The designer draws inspiration from fairy tales, emphasizing our collective desire to to remain children forever, even well into adulthood. She also looks to the ordinary objects and events in life, seeing the extraordinary in the everyday.

After traveling around the world, Alianna decided to follow her dream of becoming a designer, attending ESMOD Paris in order to learn the ins and outs of fashion design, patterning, and embroidery.

She presented her first capsule collection in Paris in 2018. In all her works, there is a boldness of color and a uniqueness of thought, all tapered with her undeniable honesty, which is core to her philosophy as a designer.

“Working from the heart,” Alianna explains. “That is the key to being a designer. Thanks to my world travel experience, I am able to draw beauty from common life. I want my clients to look at what I have done and to feel what I feel.”







277 Rue Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris
+33 01 84 17 81 76

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