Fashion Designers Business Directory 2019-2020

DN MAG Fashion Business Directory for Professionals, Designers, Haute Couture, accessories & Jewelry.

DNMAG is the information website for fashion professionals.


Are you a professional in Fashion and Haute Couture?
Do you create collections, jewels, accessories for women or men?
Do you work in the luxury sector?

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DNMag Pro is the official directory of Fashion Designers, specialized, which lists fashion designers around a central topic: fashion shows, collections and the entire universe of Fashion Week. This business directory provides fast and accurate information on fashion and its creators and their events.

DNMag Pro also supports internet users in their search for fashion sites. Our directory of creators is aimed at both the general public and professionals in the fashion industry.

Do you want to register in our fashion directory? Search first to see if you are not already there. If not, contact us.

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What are the benefits of our pro business directory?

annuaire-createurs-idImmediate visibility of your brand,

annuaire-createurs-bioA complete description of your products,

annuaire-createurs-photosHigh definition photos of your creations,

annuaire-createurs-mode-webOne or more links to pages of your existing website,

annuaire-createurs-shoppingOne or more links to pages dedicated to the purchase of your creations.

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